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sorry it took so long

sorry it took so long for my application my comps been messed up..
im hoping my application can still follow through =)

Basic Info:
Name: Alyssa ( preffered as aleesah )
Age: 14
Gender: female
Ethnicity : filipinay
Location: richmond canada
Occupation (If you're in school, please specify year level/major. If you're working, tell us a little bit about your job.): mm..student? gr.9
Relationship Status: single
Describe yourself in 3 words: random fun happy
What does your LJ username mean? it was a nickname some friends made up for me

3 Favorites
Books: mm harry potter lol and series of unfortunate events...i also like samurai girl thats a good series
Movies: i like tons of movies so im not too picky but i guess i like...take the lead the best
Bands/Artists: i have tons but currently...chamillionaire...DBSK.....mmm...ciara...missy....
Sports: badminton, volleyball, basketball,
Foods: any kinds =)

What are your interests? mmm the most
You are what you rant about. What is your ultimate pet peeve? people who pretend to be your friend but then talk shet about you behind your bag....
If you were to lose your bag or wallet, the person who found it would be able to determine what things about you? im a very electronic like friends are important....and....i watch a lot of movies and im broke lol....
Do you have photoshop skills? prove it! (optional) lol how about paintshop pro skills? LOL

One song or album: mmm..fall out boys latest album...
One book or movie: pirates of the carabean =) or devil wears prada
One piece of advice: follow your heart it will lead the way

Give us your opinion on an issue of your choice, something you feel strongly about. Gay/lesbian marriages...I dont get why everyone makes a big deal out of it ok? You cant help who your heart chooses and its not like their doing anything to us...their just trying to live their lives day by day like us yet you guys seem to have a problem with them? you make a whole big deal about it and i just dont see the point in it.

Promote in at least 3 places and provide the links here:

Post at least 5 Pictures. Required: one body shot, one smiling pic, one non-smiling pic


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