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A_A sucka!

Basic Info

Name: Laura
Age: 19
Gender: Not a man
Ethnicity: Korean
Location: Albany, NY
Occupation (If you're in school, please specify year level/major. If you're working, tell us a little bit about your job.): Sophomore history major at Vassar College. Sometimes I work in the stupid little Pizza Hut at Target on breaks.
Relationship status: Mike Newmark.
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Describe yourself in 3 words: silly, dark, compassionate
What does your LJ username mean? I made this journal some time in high school, when I thought it was awesome to say "slut" and "whore." The "classical" comes from a long-lasting love of orchestral music. I play the violin.

3 Favorites

Jerzy Kosinski - The Painted Bird.
Anthony Burgess - A Clockwork Orange.
Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner.
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
Tiger Army
Siouxsie and the Banshees
I'm not into organized sports...but I do enjoy running, biking and swimming.
Sushi (toro and unagi especially)
Penne pasta with pink vodka sauce


What are your interests? I really enjoy waiting around outside for hours for something pretty to take a picture of. I've always wanted to photograph for National Geographic. I enjoy music in all forms - playing weddings, going to the symphony, or getting beaten up at metal shows. I prefer West Coast to East Coast in the US, love beaches and anywhere palm trees can grow, and I love dyeing other people's hair.
You are what you rant about. What is your ultimate pet peeve? K so I really hate when people go on and on and on about how horrible drugs are yet they drink themselves half to death every weekend. I don't care if you drink and don't do illegal drugs, but don't expect me to sympathize when you go off on how horrible cocaine is. Proportionally, way more people die from being drunk than being on coke! And alcohol is a deadly poison, so don't even try to tell me it's better for you. Also the "I can't have fun unless I'm drunk/stoned/coked up" mentality gets me. If you can't be sober for one weekend without suffering, you might as well kill yourself now. You haven't got much left to look forward to.
If you were to lose your bag or wallet, the person who found it would be able to determine what things about you? Well, I was really fat and mallgoth when my license picture was taken, so they would assume I was some kind of beast in a Mario t-shirt. I keep a lot of empty gum wrappers and random receipts from everything, so they could figure out that I'm messy. The Swiss Army knife hints at being prepared for everything, the faint scent of marijuana leaking from one of the pockets suggests that I'm a pothead, and the bag itself is a cheap piece of crap with Alice in Wonderland on it.
Do you have photoshop skills? prove it! (optional) I don't have Photoshop :P


One song or album: "Once Around The Block" by Badly Drawn Boy.
One book or movie: Weirdos From Another Planet by Bill Watterson.
One piece of advice: Don't lose yourself in other people's problems.


Give us your opinion on an issue of your choice, something you feel strongly about. I'm so pro choice it hurts. I have confidence that most women aren't going to use abortion as birth control, since unless you have no soul or bodily sensation perceptions it will take a huge toll on you emotionally and physically. South Dakota, what the hell are you doing? And here I thought women had it well here in America. Let's not change that, huh? Are we going to introduce bride burning and chastity belts soon in the US?


Promote in at least 3 places and provide the links here:


Post at least 5 Pictures. Required: one body shot, one smiling pic, one non-smiling pic
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hope this counts as a body shot, i'm kinda fluffy so i don't have swimsuit pictures or anything.</a>

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