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Hey guys,

I still don't have cable!! hahaha. Well, I hate being on my own again just because I come home to a complete silence and darkness. So, I might have one of my guy-friend move in w/ me since he's dying to move out of his sister's apt. The timing can't get any better. Plus, he's a childhood friend and Im completely comfortable walking around half naked and know that he's not going to stare me down like other men would.

I deaded that Puerto Rican guy a while back. He turned out to be another psycho. I swear. Its either I attract psychos or I turn them psycho. But I am back on the horse, dating again, hahaha. Let me not jinx me, so I'll spill the beans some other time.

I MISS YOU GUYS! I DO! And of course this isn't legit w/out a visual.

Due to boredom and lack of action, hahahaha. >=X

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