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A_A sucka!

Basic Info

Name: Angela
Age: 19! i just turned 19 yesterday :)
Gender: Femme Fatale..aka Female
Ethnicity: Chinese
Location: Toronto...currently London, Ontario for school
Occupation (If you're in school, please specify year level/major. If you're working, tell us a little bit about your job.): I go to University of Western Ontario. I'm in 2nd year and studying business like many asians here HA.
Relationship status: Single, but by choice of course. I'm crazy picky.
Describe yourself in 3 words: Goofy, Spontaneous, Intelligent
What does your LJ username mean? haha its just this thing that me and 3 of my friends do, we like to cruise around in a car a lot and I would always yell shotgun! even though they always give it to me. had to be there..

3 Favorites

Books: Memoirs of a Geisha, Da Vinci Code, the Shopaholic series, White Oleander, the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson funny!, i used to read sweet valley high, the babysitters club, YOU KNOW YOU DID IT TOO! haha ooo archie comics
Movies: Crash, Requiem for a Dream, City of God, Old School, Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle, Eurotrip, Rush Hour 1&2, ..
Bands/Artists: I enjoy listening to all types of music and am open to new stuff, currently i really like indie music such as Death Cab for Cutie, Metric, Stars,...I like mellow stuff, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, but i still like mainstream music as well..Jay Z, Beyonce, Mariah, The Used, My Chemical Romance, friend Deanna Devore, she's an awesome musician, singer, and songwriter
Sports: Ultimate Frisbee! i kinda suck at all sports
Foods: hmm i love food in general, Pad Thai, Cantonese Chow Mein, My mom's cookin, i'm not very picky. Wendy's mmmm i'm cravin that now


What are your interests? My interests? i have a couple passions, i love photography even though all im armed with is a canon s400 but i do enjoy it. i love planning events, and i also have an obsession with collecting msn emoticons. i think i have an emoticon for any situation lol.
You are what you rant about. What is your ultimate pet peeve? My ultimate pet peeve? hmm just ignorant people in general.
If you were to lose your bag or wallet, the person who found it would be able to determine what things about you? That i look really angry in my drivers license haha i swear they took it while i was blinking.
Do you have photoshop skills? prove it! (optional) lol not really altho i did feather the prom picture that's only my face? haha I was yearbook editor tho so i did some minor things.


One song or album: One song- currently i love the song Bedouin Soundclash- When the Night Fills My Song
One book or movie: that's hard....Memoirs of a Geisha
One piece of advice: Never Eat Yellow Snow!! haha i think that's a good one


Give us your opinion on an issue of your choice, something you feel strongly about.
My opinion on religion is that I don't believe it should be something that is forced upon people. It should be a personal choice and if you declare a certain religion to be yours, you should believe in all its teaching whole heartedly. I don't agree with people picking and choosing certain things that would agree with their lifestyle. If you're going to say that you are part of that religion, you should follow it. I am athiest myself and I don't believe religion is a bad thing. It gives people hope and faith. But for me, I believe that all religions kind of teach the same thing. That is to be a good person, help other people in need, and your life will be happy.

Promote in at least 3 places and provide the links here:
ok for some reason when i try to copy and paste the banners it won't work :(

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