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A_A Sucka!

I'm not too confident about getting accepted to this one.
But I'll give it a try.

Basic Info

Name: Yasuko Suzuki
Age: 18 in 2 months
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japanese and Vietnamese
Location: Fremont, CA
Occupation (If you're in school, please specify year level/major. If you're working, tell us a little bit about your job.):Senior in High School. I have an on-call job to work as a promotional model. I'm soon going to be training for a non-profit organization for a suicide prevention place called The Bill Wilson Center. Since I was once majorly depressed and suicidal, I want to help those who are going to what I went through.
Relationship status: Taken. Over one year with my boyfriend
Describe yourself in 3 words: spunky, stubborn, diverse
What does your LJ username mean? I used to think my ex really cared for me and I thought I did too but not true at all. love is often mistaken. It's not love...it's probably anything else but that.

3 Favorites

Books: American Psycho, Lust Killer, Night
Movies: Mathilda, 40 Year Old Virgin, Moulin Rouge
Bands/Artists: Head Automatica, Copeland, Acceptance
Sports:I don't play sports at all, I don't like watching them either.
Foods:Vietnamese food called Bon Bo Hue, Anything with Maranaira sauce, sushi.


What are your interests? Picking whiteheads, eating disorders (I don't have one though), looking at different girls (I'm straight), CHANEL, Japanese street fashion, visiting Japan over summer, etc.
You are what you rant about. What is your ultimate pet peeve? repeating, waiting, when people are indecisive about everything, when asian people talk like gangsters, when people are apathetic, etc.
If you were to lose your bag or wallet, the person who found it would be able to determine what things about you? That I need a bigger bag cause I carry a shit load of things. They would probably think I'm 12 since most of my stuff has Ariel from The Little Mermaid on it. They would most likely think I'm obsessed with Ariel and CHANEL because of my make-up/wallet.
Do you have photoshop skills? prove it! (optional) Photoshop gets complicated. I'm still trying to perfect Paint man.


One song or album: Beating Hearts Baby by Head Automatica (cute song)
One book or movie: American History X (it's a movie and it's such a tragic movie)
One piece of advice: If you need some whitehead picking, call on me.


Give us your opinion on an issue of your choice, something you feel strongly about.
Yeah, I think this is a common topic to everyone. When you're depressed, please go to a psychiatrist because it really does help. Being on anti-depressants isn't the most funnest thing on earth and you may feel like it's the easy way out. I tried committing suicide and it was the dumbest decision ever because I realized how much people cared for me and that I'm just throwing life away without fully living it. Since it didn't kill me, it made me stronger. Now that I've lived through a horrific incident, I try to help those who are struggling with their lives and try to make it that much easier for them to live their lives. I'm going to volunteer at a suicide prevention place, I'm in a peer counseling class at school and I love it. I'm rambling nonsense about this subject because of course suicide is a negative thing. It's just I feel so much more for it because the roller coaster ride ended for me. I'm walking away with satisfaction.


Promote in at least 3 places and provide the links here:


Post at least 5 Pictures. Required: one body shot, one smiling pic, one non-smiling pic

I don't usually like straight angled shots cause of my butt chin.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
most recent pic

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
you can't see my face but here's the body shot.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My face is oily in this one cause we were dancing.
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